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Agway of Cape Cod

Family owned and operated, Agway of Cape Cod was established in 1993. Agway of Cape Cod offers competitive prices on the lawn, garden, and animal supplies you need. From mulch for the garden and planting beds, to vegetable plants and flowers, and even animal feed and pet supplies, we offer an excellent selection of the products you need to keep your yard (and the animals you love) in tip top shape.

Additional Services

  • Lawn and Garden
  • Pet Supplies and Food
  • Annuals and perennials
  • Flower baskets
  • Vegetables, trees, and shrubs
  • Equine, dairy, and poultry feed
  • Wood patio furniture
  • Arbors, benches, and trellises
  • Fire pits, pavers, and patio supplies
  • Farming supplies
  • Lawn and garden supplies

Outdoor Living

Build a patio or bring home ready-made trellises for your garden. There are hundreds of ways to enjoy your outdoor space. With breathtaking views and mild winters, it’s no wonder that Cape Cod is a gardener’s paradise. Create your own garden in the style that suits you and your home, whether it’s a cozy cottage gardens, structured formal gardens, a classic Cape Cod style yard, or modern and sophisticated.


Despite the mild winters of the Cape, growing conditions can be tricky at times. Long, cool springs, sandy soil, and strong winds means that certain plants won’t flourish. At Agway of Cape Cod, you’ll find a wide selection of trees, bushes, flowers, and other plants that grow well in the maritime climate of Cape Cod. You’ll find fresh vegetable plants, ornamental trees, attractive bushes, lush annuals and perennial plants. We bring in fresh plants every week from growers all over the country, assuring you that you’ll find the healthiest plants at our nursery.

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